lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2018

531 Beauties of World Tour Event

Environmental Art Project to Save The Earth!

Diffusion of climate change solutions with quality life and equal rights through differents art forms: literature, paints, videoarts, music, circus contemporary and environmental art films.
531 Beauties of World Tour Event531 Beauties of World Tour Event Video
We are a Team of Artists, Art Organisations and Professional Management Project Team to do this Event around of world with the purpose of 531 Beauties of World, environmental art genre book published in differents languages, because the book contain art and sciense, the humanity knowledge compiled to Save The Earth! 

The Book Launch Event by a month in each country will consist in 

Audiovisual Installations to exhibit book Illustrations and book videoarts in a original and shocking way to connect the audiences with the Earth and live-streaming of event. Will present Circus Performances Shows infographics of book poems.The book will be presented to Democratic Governments Countries, OEA,
EU, UN, Universities, Foundations. NGOs related to climate action and equality rights and general audiences. Foundations of Diversity will speech about book references of diversity. The author will autograph and donate 300 books funded by Grants. All event will filmed for produce short film: "Environmental Art in (Democratic Country Name) to Save The Earth!" 
Support this Event! If you are an Artist, Curator, Art Organisation, Film Producer, Art Director, Foundation that want do this Environmental Art Project in your country contact me

For more information see:

Patricia Rincón 

Visit Book Illustrations Exhibition 
Save The Earth! Gallery Online Imartgine (English) (french) (spanish)

See Videoarts in 531 Beauties of World YouTube Channel

lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

Arte Ambiental / Environmental Art / Environnemental Art

Exposicion en Galeria Online las ilustraciones del libro 531 Bellezas del Mundo


Visita exposición de arte ambiental, ilustraciones de nuestro planeta y de sus elementos, para amar, comprender y ¡Salvar la Tierra! colecciona las impresionantes ilustraciones. El 50% de las ganancias de la autora Patricia Rincón serán donadas a ONG Arca Tierra.

Visit environmental art exhibition, illustrations of our planet and its elements, to love, understand and save the Earth! Collect the impressive illustrations. 50% of the author's  Patricia Rincón earnings will be donated to Arca Tierra NGO.

Visitez l'exposition d'art environnemental, les illustrations de notre planète et de ses éléments, pour aimer, comprendre et sauver la Terre! Recueillir les illustrations impressionnantes. 50% des gains de l'auteur Patricia Rincón seront reversés à l'ONG Arca Tierra.